Node Cookbook Winners

01 Nov 2012 | By Alex Young | Tags node giveaways books

In one week, 415 people entered the Node Cookbook giveaway. I feel guilty that we only have five books to give out! From this I can only assume that there’s a huge amount of interest in Node, or people thought it was a new kind of molecular gastronomy. Either way, here are the winners:

  • Francesco Lentini
  • De Bollivier S├ębastien
  • Jason Serovi
  • Janghwan Kim
  • Joakim Bengtson

Winners will be contacted through email by Packt ( and will receive a digital copy of the book.

Coincidentally, I also won a book this week. It was Practical Vim: Edit Text at the Speed of Thought, and I reviewed it over at Book Review: Practical Vim. Vim is my editor of choice, and I’ve been running alongside DailyJS for a few months now. Check it out, and if you prefer Emacs I’m cool with that too!

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