Preparing for Node 0.8

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Preparing for Node 0.8

Posted by Alex R. Young on .


Preparing for Node 0.8

Posted by Alex R. Young on .

Node 0.8 will be released soon:

v0.8 is around the corner. There's only 1, maybe 2 more 0.7 releases, and then we're going stable. Test your stuff against master now!

-- @nodejs

The API changes are relatively straightforward, as we've seen with previous Node releases.

If you've been following our Windows and Node posts, then of particular interest is the move to node-gyp as the addon build system. This makes building addons easier for Windows users, but at the same time more people are starting to bundle binaries. I've found a few node-gyp modules that build successfully in Windows while researching articles for DailyJS, so hopefully the transition won't be too painful.

Domains will be included in 0.8 -- notice how the documentation already refers to 0.8. I remember reading about domains in Ryan Dahl's Node v0.8 roadmap:

Domains provide a lightweight isolation mechanism for all i/o related to a particular network connection (e.g. an incoming http request). If an unhandled error is encountered, all i/o local to that particular domain is canceled and all handles are cleaned up.

Isaac Schlueter said it's likely that 0.8 will include V8 v3.10 rather than 3.11. The last time I checked, Node 0.6 was on V8, and since then V8 has seen performance improvements, bug fixes, and better ECMAScript 5 conformance.


  • If you're a module author, now is a good time to migrate node-waf projects to node-gyp
  • If possible, tag or branch the last working 0.6 version of your modules so people can still install a legacy version -- it's awkward to run multiple versions of Node in Windows
  • Ensure your test suites pass, and follow the API changes to convert legacy code
  • Update your package.json files to refer to the correct version of Node under the engines property