Node Roundup: Buildr, Search, Node Knockout

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node modules

Node Roundup: Buildr, Search, Node Knockout

Posted by Alex R. Young on .

node modules

Node Roundup: Buildr, Search, Node Knockout

Posted by Alex R. Young on .
You can send your node modules and articles in for review through our [contact form](/contact.html) or [@dailyjs](http://twitter.com/dailyjs).

Buildr, Query-Engine, DocPad

Benjamin Arthur Lupton sent us three packages to look at:

  • Buildr (License: MIT, npm: buildr) -- tools for building and merging CoffeeScript, Less, and CSS
  • Query-Engine (License: MIT, npm: query-engine) -- a NoSQL query engine
  • DocPad (License: MIT, npm: docpad) -- a static site generator

All of the projects have installation and usage guides in the README
files. Buildr supports bundling, compression, and client-side loading.
Query-Engine can manage collections of objects, but also optionally
extends Object to work with other objects. DocPad's
templating engine has complete access to the DOM, which means it can be
used a bit like a novel CMS.

Search (License: MIT, npm: search) by TJ Holowaychuk is a simple file searching utility that works a bit like ack (my tool of choice,
which I use with vim). It's built with TJ's new library
commander.js, and has deliciously colourised output:

Is it faster than ack? On my machine it performs slightly slower than
ack, but not noticeably (there's a pause after all the results have been
displayed). Given how simple the source is, it seems like an extremely
hackable version of ack.

Node Knockout

Node Knockout has had a ridiculous 183 entries this year! I've been playing around with the entries and some of
them seriously give the startups I've seen on Y
a run for their money. Check them
out, show your support, and get ready for the winners on the 6th.