jQuery Roundup: Cuepoint, Boombox.js, jqMessageBar

12 Jul 2011 | By Alex Young | Tags jquery plugins html5 audio

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Cuepoint (GitHub: owainlewis / Cuepoint-JS) by Owain Lewis is a small plugin for adding subtitles to HTML5 video:

cuepoint.init({ 5: 'Hello World' });

It’s also possible to skip to points within the video, thereby displaying specific subtitles:



Boombox.js (GitHub: cgcardona / boombox.js) by Carlos Cardona is another library that makes dealing with the HTML5 audio tag easier.

It actually expects the buttons given in the author’s example, which on the one hand makes it easy to distribute themes, but on the other is a little bit restrictive. It might work well in cases where you want to quickly add HTML5 audio capabilities to a site, but for more customised UIs Buzz may be more suitable.


jqMessageBar (GitHub: mindscratch / jqMessageBar, License: MIT) by Craig Wickesser helps manage a global message bar that displays errors or information. I’m always writing my own versions of this, so I’ve been looking around for open source ones:

$('body').messagebar('addMessage', 'hello world', 'info');

Craig has even included tests with this plugin, written using the Jasmine BDD library.

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