jQuery Roundup: 1.5.2, Kern.js, Zoomooz, Amplify

29 Mar 2011 | By Alex Young | Tags jquery plugins graphics ajax typography

jQuery 1.5.2 RC 1

jQuery 1.5.2 RC 1 has been released, and the final version of 1.5.2 should be out on March 31st.


Kern.js (GitHub: bstrom87 / kern.js, WTFPL) by Brendan Stromberger helps generate styles for more refined kerning using Lettering.js.

Lettering.js has recently added a gallery of sites that use their styles; it’s worth checking out, too.


Zoomooz (GitHub: jaukia / zoomooz) by Janne Aukia makes elements on a page “zoomable” — the page apparently zooms into a smaller slice of content. The example on the project’s homepage consists of small tiles which zoom in when clicked.


Amplify (GitHub: appendto / amplify, MIT/GPL) provides a unified API for data sources. A set of components are provided for managing data-related tasks: the store component manages client-side data, a request component provides enhancements to jQuery’s Ajax library, and there’s also a pub/sub system. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for data.

The author has already written up full documentation for Amplify.

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