Node Roundup: Node 0.4.3, npm 1.0, Geo, MicroEvent

23 Mar 2011 | By Alex Young | Tags node server frameworks geocoding npm

Node 0.4.3

Node 0.4.3 is out, which has some interesting changes:

  • Start up memory footprint improvement
  • HTTP Agent bugs
  • Upgrade V8 to

npm 1.0

Isaac Schlueter has been working on npm 1.0, and I noticed he’s written an interesting about about 1.0’s ls command for the Node blog: npm 1.0: The New ls. It’s now at release candidate stage, and there’s a lot of activity going on over at isaacs/npm on GitHub.


Geo for Node.js (GitHub: feliperazeek/geonode) by Felipe Oliveira is a geocoding library that uses Google’s Geocode API for geocoding, and GeoHash for GeoSpatial support.

var geo = require('geo'),
    sensor = false,
    address = '221B Baker Street, London, UK';

geo.geocoder(, address, sensor, function(formattedAddress, latitude, longitude) {
  console.log("Formatted Address: " + formattedAddress);
  console.log("Latitude: " + latitude);
  console.log("Longitude: " + longitude);

// Output:
// Formatted Address: 221 Baker St, Paddington, Greater London NW1 5, UK
// Latitude: 51.5231225
// Longitude: -0.1580078

Seems incredibly useful to me, assuming Google’s terms let us use this for something interesting!


MicroEvent.js by Jerome Etienne (GitHub: jeromeetienne / microevent.js) is a tiny event emitter library for client-side code and Node. It uses the observer pattern, like this:

var Ticker = function() {
  var self = this;
  setInterval(function() {
    // 'trigger' is provided by MicroEvent
    self.trigger('tick', new Date());
  }, 1000);

// You have to use this method to make your class MicroEvent-enabled:

var ticker = new Ticker();

// Now we can observe when the event fires
ticker.bind('tick', function(date) {
  console.log('notified date', date);

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