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08 Dec 2010 | By Alex Young | Tags node server http v8 events

Welcome to the Node Roundup. Send in your apps and libraries using our contact form or @dailyjs.

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Crankshaft, a new compilation infrastructure for V8, was announced on the Chromium blog. The authors claim this improves the performance of compute-intensive JavaScript applications. These changes include a runtime profiler and an optimizing compiler.

The implications for Node projects aren’t yet clear, but Arnout Kazemier has already run Node benchmarks (brief analysis by Dean Landolt).

Portland NodeConf 2011

Portland NodeConf has been announced for May 5th, 2011. The site doesn’t have much more information than that, however, but there’s a Hacker News thread on it NodeConf May 5th 2011 Portland, OR.


htracr by Mark Nottingham (GitHub: htracr) is a HTTP sniffing and visualization application written with Node. He’s just released it through npm as well, so it can be quickly installed with npm install htracr. The blog post is an interesting read because Nottingham explores how different browsers behave at the TCP and HTTP level — for example, Opera 10.63 was doing less pipelining than Firefox 3.6 (with pipelining turned on). That kind of analysis could be used to better optimise your sites and servers.

It uses libpcap to sniff HTTP traffic, which means you might need to run it with sudo:

npm install htracr
sudo htracr 8000
# Open http://localhost:8000/ in your browser and press the 'Start' button

Nottingham’s got a huge list of interesting ideas in the project’s TODO list, but it’s already a fascinating use of Node.

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