jQuery Roundup

05 Oct 2010 | By Alex Young | Tags jquery plugins video html5

Welcome to the jQuery Plugin Roundup 26. You can send your plugins in for review through our contact form or @dailyjs.


jquery-swapable (MIT License) by Vadim Kiryukhin is a little bit like Sortable but instead swaps items. Usage is similar to Sortable, except it also requires a cursorAt parameter:

  items: '.itemClass',
  cursorAt: { top: -10 } 

It will work with lists, grids, and horizontal rows.

The project is hosted on Google Code: jquery-swapable.

jQuery Templates

I’ve mentioned Scott Guthrie’s Microsoft-supported jQuery plugins before, but now there’s news jQuery Templates will be included with jQuery 1.5.

Read more in jQuery Templates, Data Link, and Globalization Accepted as Official jQuery Plugins.


jquery.sg.video (MPL) by Filippo Pacini is based on Video for Everybody, an idea put forward by Kroc Camen. The plugin uses feature detection from Modernizr, and can provide information on format support through $.support.video. For example, the browser I’m using right now returns this:

{"ogg": "", "h264": "probably", "webm": ""}

If your videos have the same file name with different extensions for each format, you can set up a video like this:

 $('#video-container').video('video_file_name', options);

This is a minimal yet useful plugin — most video plugins attempt to provide a complete solution, with fancy player graphics and other features. This one keeps things simple instead.

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