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28 Sep 2010 | By Alex Young | Tags jquery plugins forms graphics

Welcome to the jQuery Plugin Roundup 25. You can send your plugins in for review through our contact form or @dailyjs.


Lettering.js by Dave Rupert (and some other folks) can split a container into spans that contain each letter, like this:


Which generates:

<h1 class="fancy_title">
  <span class="char1">S</span>
  <span class="char2">o</span>
  <span class="char3">m</span>
  <span class="char4">e</span>
  <span class="char5"></span>
  <span class="char6">T</span>
  <span class="char7">i</span>
  <span class="char8">t</span>
  <span class="char9">l</span>
  <span class="char10">e</span>

It’s hard to visualise what kind of effects might be possible with this plugin, but the heading in the blog post is a great example (pictured above).

Word wrap can also be used. The author makes an interesting point about performance in the blog post:

Unfortunately, we found the best solution to avoid/minimize the FOUT caused by this plugin is to put your scripts (jQuery, Lettering.js) in the document . On the one hand, your page will load slower. On the other hand, a flash/restyling makes your site feel slow. Users might ultimately feel the site is faster if they don’t see the FOUT.

This plugin is available on GitHub: davatron5000 / Lettering.js. There’s no licensing information yet.


I’ve covered quite a few of these plugins now, but this one is shaping up to be a smart little project. jSlider (GPL/MIT) by Fredrik Forsmo is an extensible image slider. Just run $.jSlider('#container') and you’re done.

The project is on GitHub at Frozzare / jSlider.

Catch My Fame

The Catch My Fame site also has a lot of jQuery gallery plugins. Panel Gallery in particular has a lot of effects and is interesting because it doesn’t require images to be sliced or edited, it’ll shove images into containers appropriately.

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