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24 Aug 2010 | By Alex Young | Tags jquery plugins

Welcome to the jQuery Plugin Roundup, episode 20. You can send your plugins in for review through our contact form or @dailyjs.

Touch Gallery

Touch Gallery’s site says this is not another lightbox. Hooray! Touch Gallery is a fullscreen photo gallery aimed at touchscreen devices. It works best in Safari, but will also work in other browsers.

To use it, create a container that contains a bunch of links and call:

  $('#container a').touchGallery();

It’s released under the MIT license.

Felix Gnass sent me this plugin, and there are more by the same people at neteye.github.com

jQuery Globalization Plugin

I missed this plugin when it was announced, but I’ve been doing localisation work lately so I discovered it. jquery-glob features complex number and date parsing for many “cultures”:

Each language, and the countries that speak that language, have different expectations when it comes to how numbers (including currency and percentages) and dates should appear.

This plugin allows people to write data in their native format and it’ll get converted into data-types JavaScript likes.

Interestingly, this is a plugin from Microsoft: jQuery Globalization Plugin from Microsoft. That meant the first thing I thought was, “So what’s the license? Something crazy I’d need a law degree to understand?” It turns out there is no license. Or tests. Like most jQuery plugins!

Simulating JavaScript Events

In Programatically simulating JavaScript events in your test environment, Jamie Dyer discusses using Jasmine and jsMocha for testing with a jQuery project. Technically this isn’t a plugin, but when I review plugins for this site I often find problems with them, look for the tests, discover there aren’t any, get angry, then wish people would write tests for their plugins.

To that end, add this article to your “to read list” if you’re a plugin author who doesn’t write tests.

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