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30 Jul 2010 | By Alex Young | Tags games competitions frameworks


I haven’t written a games-related post for a while, but I found EffectGames recently and it was too good not to post. It’s a service that provides a bunch of JavaScript APIs and resources for building games. There are complex tools like a level designer and more nuts and bolts features like collision detection and sprite management.

EffectGames is actually a hosted service, and while you can develop locally, you release games through their site. The license agreement has all the details on the service and the ownership of code released through it.

There’s an active community on the site, and a development blog with lots of interesting resources. The post on Old School Color Cycling with HTML5 (demo) really brought back some memories!

10K Apart

10K Apart is a competition to develop a web app in 10K. The rules are as follows:

  • Size: Total file size, including images, scripts and markup, must be under 10K
  • Standards: HTML5 is encouraged, and apps must work in IE9, Firefox and WebKit browsers
  • Libraries: Major CDN-hosted libraries don’t count, but only if they’re jQuery, Prototype, or Typekit

The first prize is $3000 plus a bunch of other stuff. The judges include Zeldman and Erik Meyer.

When I saw “web app” I wondered if they meant server-side as well, but it seems to be just client-side code, with a “designer” emphasis. Now, if we can get some ex-demoscene hackers to enter we could really blow some minds.

“Why is IE9 mentioned in the rules?” I hear you ask. Well, Microsoft are the sponsor of the event. Make of that what you will.

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