Node.js on IRC

16 Dec 2009 | By Alex Young | Tags irc nodejs

Node.js makes writing IRC-related programs straightforward and super-efficient, thanks to its evented networking. Therefore it isn’t surprising that a lot of projects have appeared already.

I’ve been looking around for reusable JavaScript IRC libraries, and discovered the following projects.

IRC Daemon Demo

This IRC daemon demo presented at demonstrates how to build a server. It has simple prototypal classes for channels and users, and parses IRC commands using a regex and a switch. It also uses node’s TCP library.


nodelog is an IRC logger. This would be a good place to start if you’d like to build a JavaScript IRC bot. The client code is clear and reusable. The log.js file demonstrates how to use the irc.js library.


irccat-nodejs is based on irccat which allows you to send messages to IRC using HTTP or a TCP socket. The client code is again fairly simple.


egret is a command-line IRC client. The base code uses node’s TCP sockets and a hash to interpret IRC commands into English.


nodejs.irc is an IRC bot. It’s not finished yet, but the code is separated out and easy to follow.


aoibot is similar to nodejs.irc, but it looks like the finished product will be less generic. Again, it’s unfinished, so I expect the author still has a lot of ideas and work to do.

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