Google Opens Closure

06 Nov 2009 | By Justin Knowlden | Tags google libraries firebug

Today, Google introduced a suite of JavaScript tools they are calling Closure. As Google explains, Closure is derived from tools started as 20% projects and which have gone on to be used in many of their popular applications: Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Maps to name a few. Closure itself is currently composed of three main tools:

  • Closure Compiler – for compiling and optimizing your JavaScript
  • Closure Library – Google’s library of UI widgets, controls, DOM manipulators, network communicators, and unit testing helpers
  • Closure Templates – a client and server-side content templating system

It’s nice that they have decided to open these tools up. I like the idea of compiling my JavaScript into an even smaller deliverable for my users. I know it’s not readable, but neither is minified JavaScript if you think about it and Google is providing a Firebug extension called Inspector (inappropriately named) which will let me see code compiled with Closure. I think I can live with that. I do, however, think they’ve made a bad choice in terms of naming the tool – particularly because I thought this would be a tool for functional programming.

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